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Sorry, no further planned courses in 2020

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MBCT Teacher Development Course cancelled

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Feedback from Course Participants

"The course helped me incorporate mindfulness into my daily life and I feel I have better strategies now to cope with stress."

"Learning mindfulness has helped me to focus more on moments and events, where previously I would have overanalysed things which would have created more tension and anxiety.  I now take time to fully experience my feelings (the special moments too), witnessing and looking at things from different perspectives. I am conscious not to think too deeply into everyday things that have potential to distract me."

"Mindfulness training has allowed me to develop skills to create the safe thinking time to assess what I may need from myself and others around me in order to feel that I am coping with the world around me and not just surviving."

"I thought the course was just about meditation and I knew very little about mindfulness so I was very apprehensive. The teacher (Lisa) explained mindfulness in a clear and understandable manner, the handouts were helpful, an APP would have been useful. I will take from the course that parts I can use easily in my everyday life that work for me, like the mindful stretching and yoga. I will make sure I allocate more time in my life to relax and continue to practice mindful breathing practices."


" The course has helped me develop my mindfulness practice and augmented what I had learnt previously. Learning mindfulness in a group has been wonderful, being able to share the experience of learning mindfulness with others The course more than met my expectations, especially the full day of mindfulness practices."

“My hopes and expectations of doing the course were to better manage my ‘mind-file’, prioritise, cope better with a mind full and become more organised in my thinking. My mind-file and improved focus is working well and much improved.”

“I am able to bring myself to the now and to know the large benefits of being present. Being with myself and others and knowing that life is just a series of moments.”

“The course and practice has helped me to deal with stress/negative thoughts in a much better way. I now don’t spiral into the negative abyss!”

“The course has been useful in helping me to relax and just be in the moment.”