All of our teachers abide by the UK Guidelines for Mindfulness Teachers and are registered teachers on the UK Mindfulness Network and Mental Health Foundation BeMindful website

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MBCT Teacher Development Course January 2019 

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Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy Courses

Session 1  Practice Record & Workbook Session 1                           

Session 2  Practice Record & Workbook Session 2

Session 3  Practice Record & Workbook Session 3 & Hand-out 

 Session 4   Practice Record & Workbook Session 4

Session 5 Practice Record & Workbook Session 5  

Session 6 Practice Record & Workbook Session 6

Session 7 Practice Record & Workbook Session 7 

Session 8 Practice Record & Workbook Session 8

Please note the Mindfulness for a Frantic World Course has a different workbook