All of our teachers abide by the UK Guidelines for Mindfulness Teachers and are registered
teachers on the UK Mindfulness Network and Mental Health Foundation BeMindful website

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A not-for-profit social enterprise in Lancashire that exists to
  promote high quality Mindfulness-based Courses, Information,
Workshops and Teacher-Training.

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Mindfulness-based interventions have been proven by gold-standard research to:

  • Build our resilience
  • Improve our health and wellbeing
  • Help us manage daily stress
  • Improve coping at times of difficulty
  • Help regulate our emotions
  • Improve our relationships
  • Develop our mindful awareness skills
  • Improve concentration & attention

Find out more about mindfulness-based approaches at Be Mindful, Mental Health Foundation Website

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Frequently asked questions about Mindfulness-based approaches

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Important Information to Safeguard your Well-being


When considering taking a Mindfulness Course please take time to check that your teacher is a trained and experienced mindfulness teacher who abides by the UK Good Practice Guidelines for Teaching Mindfulness Courses and  is a registered mindfulness teacher on the UK Mindfulness Network Listing  and the Be Mindful, Find a Teacher website hosted by the Mental Health Foundation

Click here to find out more about the UK Network of Mindfulness-based Teacher Trainers and the great work of the Network in safeguarding the quality and integrity of Mindfulness-based approaches

Mindfulness All Party Parliamentary Committee Report

The Mindfulness Initiative supported a series of All Party Parliamentary meetings in 2014. Resulting from this was the Mindful Nation Report published in October 2015.
This report highlighted essential developments in mindfulness across four policy areas: health, education, prisons and workforce.
REPORT presented by Lisa Graham at the Mindfulness APPG 5th November 2014
Publication MBCT for Older Adults